Women are Victors, Not Victims

Senate Bill 19-085 “Equal Pay For Equal Work Act”

Senate Resolution 19-009 “Equal Pay for Equal Work Act”

“It’s important to remember that statistics have no bearing on an individual’s probability of success”…….Tanya Tarr’s Forbes Article, “How This Study Misses The Mark On Equal Pay And The Pay Gap

  • The actual gender pay gap is at $0.02 according to the most recent 2019 PayScale study
  • Women’s college enrollment gains for Hispanic, Black, Asian, and White females are leaving men behind according to a recent  Fact Tank study.

So folks… the media and leftists are going ballistic because I do not subscribe to their flawed methodology in gathering data regarding equal pay. Personally, I revel in joy and celebrate the accomplishments that women have achieved (especially) over the last 6 years I’ve been in the legislature. The “Victim” mentality isn’t a winning position. Rather, the discussion should refer to us as “Champions” having achieved historical milestones and Senate Resolution 009 and Senate Bill 085 should be rewritten to reflect that winning attitude and image.

Challenge your gender beliefs, your sense of self….begin celebrating accomplishment and positive attitude towards continued success.

Negativity needs to be erased from our dialogue. As winners, we have a very different way at looking at adversity… it is the best of sparring partners.

I thank ALL my male friends and colleagues here at the Legislature. You value ALL women in this place of service to Colorado as we value you. We are more than just friends and colleagues here at the Capitol…. we are the best of competitors!


– Senator Vicki Marble

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