Jimmy Sengenberger put together a terrific response to the over the top, and, misleading statements from House Speaker KC Becker and Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg regarding the Oil and Gas Industry. Everything they professed as truth was a blatant attempt to ignore all Oil & Gas upgrades and changes in statute that had been made by former Governors Ritter and Hickenlooper. A classic example of current Democrat leadership chipping away at the credibility of their own previously elected Democrat Governors serving from 2007 through 2018.
Listen closely and educate yourself on how far Democrat Leadership will go to prop up their pathetic anti Oil & Gas agenda with grossly inaccurate statements.

-Senator Vicki Marble

Fmr. Gov. Ritter & Mr. Leghorn correct CO Spkr. Becker & Sen. Fenberg

On 2/28/19, #Colorado Democrats – including Gov. Jared Polis, Spkr. K.C. Becker and Sen. Majority Leader Steve Fenberg – held a press conference to announce a forthcoming bill to regulate oil and gas. But Spkr. Becker and Sen. Fenberg got one thing glaringly wrong…(The audio in this clip is from the Friday, March 1 edition of "Business for Breakfast w/ Jimmy Sengenberger" on Money Talk 1690 KDMT. Listen to the full, rip-roaring segment: http://jimmysengenberger.com/site/jimmy-hits-hard-on-colorado-og-bill-unveiling-b4b-march-1/)

Posted by Jimmy Sengenberger – Media Personality on Friday, March 1, 2019