Senate Bill 18-242 – “Public Official Oath Of Office”

Concerning the swearing of a public official oath of office.


The bill requires a person swearing an oath of office for a public office or position to do so by swearing by the everliving God. The bill also requires the person swearing the oath of office to do so with an uplifted hand.


Senator Vicki Marble | Representative Timothy Leonard | Representative Stephen Humphrey

Signed on June 1st 2018 By: Crisanta Duran (Speaker of The House of Representatives) ; Kevin J. Grantham (President of The Senate) ; Marilyn Eddins (Chief Clerk of The House of Representatives) ; Effie Ameen (Secretary of The Senate) ; John W. Hickenlooper (Governor of The State of Colorado)

Paid for by Marble for House District 49.
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