Concerning a licensed chiropractor’s ability to perform animal chiropractic on an animal patient.


Under current law, a licensed chiropractor must obtain a veterinary medical clearance from a licensed veterinarian before performing an animal chiropractic act that falls within the chiropractor’s scope of practice on an animal patient.

Section 2 of the bill removes the veterinary medical clearance requirement for licensed chiropractors who have successfully completed 9 hours of course work related to contagious, infectious, and zoonotic diseases. Section 2 also requires that continuing education requirements for renewed registration in animal chiropractic include a 2-hour course on Colorado incidence rates for contagious, infectious, and zoonotic diseases. Finally, section 2 requires a licensed chiropractor performing animal chiropractic to notify the state veterinarian and an animal patient’s licensed veterinarian if the licensed chiropractor suspects that the animal patient has a disease, including if he or she suspects the animal patient has one of a list of diseases that the state veterinarian has determined to require reporting.

Section 1 adds a definition of ‘licensed veterinarian’ to mean a veterinarian licensed under the ‘Colorado Veterinary Practice Act’, adds a definition of ‘equid’, and amends the definition of ‘animal chiropractic’ to refer to performing chiropractic adjustment of dogs and equids, where current law defines it as performing chiropractic adjustment of dogs and horses.


Senator Vicki Marble | Representative Jeni James Arndt | Representative Jon Becker

Signed on May 29th 2018 By: Crisanta Duran (Speaker of The House of Representatives) ; Kevin J. Grantham (President of The Senate) ; Marilyn Eddins (Chief Clerk of The House of Representatives) ; Effie Ameen (Secretary of The Senate) ; John W. Hickenlooper (Governor of The State of Colorado)