Concerning a clarification of requirements governing the formation of metropolitan districts, and, in connection therewith, limiting the inclusion of agricultural land within a metropolitan district providing park and recreational services and clarifying signature requirements governing judicial approval of a petition for organization of a proposed special district.


Under existing law, no land area that is 40 acres or more used primarily and zoned for agricultural uses may be included in any park and recreation district without the written consent of the land owners. Sections 1 and 2 of the bill make any metropolitan district providing parks or recreational facilities and programs subject to this limitation.

Sections 3 and 4 clarify that only those signatures obtained after the approval by a county or municipality of the service plan of a proposed special district may be considered by the district court in determining whether the required number of taxpaying electors of such district have signed the petition for organization.


Senator Vicki Marble | Representative Kimmi Lewis

Signed on March 23rd 2017 By: Crisanta Duran (Speaker of The House of Representatives) ; Kevin J. Grantham (President of The Senate) ; Marilyn Eddins (Chief Clerk of The House of Representatives) ; Effie Ameen (Secretary of The Senate) ; John W. Hickenlooper (Governor of The State of Colorado)