Statement on Colorado Sheriffs


If you have not heard by now, Sheriff Terry Maketa of El Paso County went public with some shocking news on KVOR’s Jeff Crank show. In a move reminiscent of Chicago-style mob politics, Sheriff Maketa alleged that Democratic senate leadership threatened sheriffs with holding up or stopping legislation that affects sheriff’s pay unless they change their collective position on gun control. Senate leadership is President Sen. John Morse and Majority Leader Sen. Morgan Carroll. Details of the interview are well documented here along with a link to the podcast of the radio interview.

I support a transparent investigation of the Democrat Leadership concerning these allegations of extortion and influencing public officials. This "Bully" tactic is reminiscent of the deplorable Chicago Style Politics we have become all to familiar with in Colorado. The people of Colorado demand, and deserve, the truth be brought forth.

A Brief Gun Bill Update
Five of the seven bills passed the second reading in the senate on Friday. The second reading on the floor of the senate allows for debate and amendment by the senate as a whole. All Republican-proposed amendments were voted down. The remaining bills may go before the Senate for a third vote and final passage as early as today. I will keep you updated.

Sen. Bill Cadman requested SB-197, which concerned possession of firearms by domestic violence offenders, be laid over so he could study it further; he is generally in favor of the concept. Such a request is usually granted as a matter of senatorial courtesy. Friday it was denied.

Sen. Rollie Heath of Boulder withdrew his bill banning concealed carry on campus. Testimony of rape victims and their callous handling by Sen. Evie Hudak and Rep. Joe Salazar did not help the case. The other bill withdrawn Friday was Sen. John Morse’s bill, which would assign responsibility to the manufacturer for any crime committed with a firearm it produced or to any lawful buyer if the firearm were ever used in a crime. It further broadly defined an “assault weapon” as anything other than a handgun, shotgun or bolt-action rifle.

The large-capacity magazine ban is the worst of the remaining bills. Manufacturer Magpul has said that they will relocate outside of Colorado if the bill passes. Related companies will as well, costing the state at least 700 jobs. Democrats seemed willing to amend the bill to allow the manufacture of the magazines but not the sale of them. If magazines are really as deadly as Democrats claim, such a position makes no sense.

Democrats created a war on veterans when they voted down an amendment offered by Sen. Kent Lambert that would have created an exemption to the magazine ban to allow trained military members and veterans to own and possess standard capacity 30-round magazines. Sen. Mary Hodge, sponsor of the bill, said military veterans should be disqualified from exemption because they often return with mental issues. This stereotype is reprehensible and disrespectful to our warriors who have risked their everything for our freedoms.

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