Second Reading On Guns In The Senate

Dear Friends,
As you are aware, the Senate is set to take on the gun debate in full force during the second reading on all of the gun right’s bills. This marathon hearing is set for Friday, March 8, 2013, at 9:00am and is expected to last well into the evening. The Senate Gallery will be open to the public if you are interested in coming to watch; we sure could use your support. You can always watch live and repeat coverage of the state legislature at
The fight for our rights is on! I have been actively fighting to uphold your 2nd Amendment Rights. I will never advocate for criminals by taking away the rights of law abiding gun owners. If you are interested in how I’ve responded to gun bills so far this Legislative Session please visit
It has become very apparent that Democrat Legislators are more offended by a gun than by a rapist. Fighting for our God given rights granted by the Colorado and United States Constitution is a battle that Republicans will fight hard for; we will stay at the Capitol all weekend if it means that the rights of Colorado residents will not be compromised.
We know we have your support. The Republican legislators find comfort and strength through your powerful prayers. Please continue your tireless efforts.
Thank you and God Bless, 

Senator Vicki Marble
Office: 303-866-4876

All Gun Bills Up For Debate Tomorrow in the Senate 
HB 13-1226 – No Concealed Carry at Colleges

HB 13-1229 – Background Check for Gun Transfers
HB 13-1228 – Payment for Background Checks For Gun Transfers
HB 13-1224 – Prohibiting Large-capacity Ammunition Magazines
SB 13-195 – No On-line Training For Concealed Handgun Permits
SB 13-196 – Assault Weapon Responsibility Act
SB 13-197 –No Firearms for Domestic Violence Offenders

Later this Legislative Session
SB 13-140 – No Federal Laws Concerning Colorado Firearms

  • This is one of the bills I am sponsoring. The hearing for this bill is scheduled to be heard in the Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee on April 1, 2013, at 1:30 pm in Senate Committee Room 353.
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