Mid-term Legislative Update

Dear friends,

We are halfway through the 69th General Assembly. Second Amendment rights have been a huge focus. I have upheld my oath to the Constitution, and I have battled for your Second Amendment rights during this session. I am proud to have voted NO on every gun prohibition bill that has come across the Senate floor. Unfortunately, we are experiencing a huge disadvantage as the minority party in both the House and the Senate. 

Actions you can take:
  1. Watch and share Jon Caldera's new video that shows HB13-1224 is worse than advertised.
  2. Please let Governor Hickenlooper know you oppose the job killing and gun-grabbing HB13-1224 bill and the other gun bills via his website contact form.

The attack by the Democrats have not been limited to the Second Amendment.  There are other dangerous bills being pushed, including:

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Statement on Colorado Sheriffs


If you have not heard by now, Sheriff Terry Maketa of El Paso County went public with some shocking news on KVOR’s Jeff Crank show. In a move reminiscent of Chicago-style mob politics, Sheriff Maketa alleged that Democratic senate leadership threatened sheriffs with holding up or stopping legislation that affects sheriff’s pay unless they change their collective position on gun control. Senate leadership is President Sen. John Morse and Majority Leader Sen. Morgan Carroll. Details of the interview are well documented here along with a link to the podcast of the radio interview.

I support a transparent investigation of the Democrat Leadership concerning these allegations of extortion and influencing public officials. This "Bully" tactic is reminiscent of the deplorable Chicago Style Politics we have become all to familiar with in Colorado. The people of Colorado demand, and deserve, the truth be brought forth.

A Brief Gun Bill Update
Five of the seven bills passed the second reading in the senate on Friday. The second reading on the floor of the senate allows for debate and amendment by the senate as a whole. All Republican-proposed amendments were voted down. The remaining bills may go before the Senate for a third vote and final passage as early as today. I will keep you updated.

Sen. Bill Cadman requested SB-197, which concerned possession of firearms by domestic violence offenders, be laid over so he could study it further; he is generally in favor of the concept. Such a request is usually granted as a matter of senatorial courtesy. Friday it was denied.

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