Early Voter Registration Bill Passes Senate

CO Senate News


Today, Senate Democrats gave final approval to a measure that gives 16 and 17 year olds the ability to preregister to vote, allowing for the potential of greater voter fraud in Colorado.

“Not only will this increase costs for the Secretary of State’s office, it will also increase the likelihood of voter fraud,” said Senator Vicki Marble (R-Fort Collins) “If pre-registrants request a mail-in ballot and aren’t diligent in updating their registration address, it’s likely that ballots will be delivered to the wrong address inviting possible fraud.”

Under House Bill 1135, 16 and 17 year olds who preregister to vote will automatically be registered once they turn 18. If they do not update their address after leaving their parents’ home or entering college, a ballot will still be delivered to the address where they first registered

“This is a solution in search of a problem,” stated Marble. “Let’s increase voter participation without opening the door to greater fraud.”

State Grants Secret Service Vast New Powers

Soon Will Be Able To Enforce Obama Gun Laws Without Sheriff's Help

Source:  WND

A bill is heading to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s desk that Republican lawmakers say would give members of the Secret Service broad arrest powers in the state and could provide a framework for federal agents eventually to enforce gun restrictions. 

“This is absolutely insane,” Rep. Lori Saine, R-Dacono, said. “In theory if a Secret Service agent is in a county where the sheriff has refused to enforce some of the recent unenforceable gun laws, the agent could arrest an individual if he believes the law has been broken.”

The idea actually aligns with an Obama agenda to create vast new restrictions and regulations on guns. WND has reported that hundreds of sheriffs nationwide, including many in Colorado, have said they cannot enforce federal restrictions that would violate the Second Amendment.

In Colorado, Weld County Sheriff John Cooke said he and many other county sheriffs “won’t bother” with several laws poised to go into effect in Colorado because they would be impossible to enforce.

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Dems Vote Down Vet Amendment

March 9th


Lamb 0Yesterday, the Democrats voted party line against an amendment offered by Senator Kent Lambert (R-Colorado Springs) that would have created an exemption to allow trained military members and veterans to own and possess standard capacity 30 round magazines.

“The Democrats refusal to treat veterans with respect and trust them to use the same magazines at home that they carried in service to this country is repulsive,” said Senator Lambert, the sponsor of the amendment. “Our service men and women are asked to defend the Constitution and themselves in battle protecting dozens of countries. They should be trusted in the very country they swore to protect.”

Senator David Balmer (R-Centennial), added, “I am proud that my Republican colleagues stood to be counted for veterans and active duty service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Both Lambert and Balmer are veterans of the United States military.

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