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Much in life is uncertain.  But we should know EXACTLY what we’re getting in our elected officials.  Since becoming a Colorado State Senator, I’ve hoped and prayed that other conservative Republicans would join me at the Capitol.  Clearly, Colorado urgently needs real Republicans (not those in name only) who will fight for genuine conservative values and NOT for bigger government and other anti-liberty policies...  So when I heard that Vicki Marble was running to be your new State Senator in District 23, I had to write you personally and tell you why she would be a great choice.  Just like me, Vicki Marble never planned to run for public office.  Perhaps like you, both of us would be happy if the government just left us alone to raise our children, work our jobs, grow our businesses, while taking only what is minimally necessary in taxes.  But today the liberals in Denver have taken our government so far from that reasonable ideal that folks like you and me MUST stand up to the big government power brokers before it’s too late.  And we should start locally, at home, in your State Senate District 23.

Vicki Marble is running to stick up for you and every other taxpayer who works hard and plays by the rules...folks like you and me who are the real grassroots majority in our Party and not those who just want to grow government and take our rights because they value their power over our well being.  I first met Vicki when she was a conservative grassroots leader pushing for authentic Republican values in our government.   You’d be proud to see an average citizen like Vicki speak so genuinely, yet articulately and respectfully, about the need to take our government back from the liberals who are bankrupting us.

The truth is, without conservative citizen-legislators like Vicki Marble, Colorado will be become another California, crippled by massive debt, regulations, and high taxes.  With the liberal Democrats controlling the State Senate right now...the last thing we need is another liberal Republican in name only who continually votes with the other side and against the interests of average Coloradans.

I ran for the State Senate for my family and neighbors’ future because serving others should be the hallmark of every leader.  Because their future is so important to me, I can only entrust it to men and women like Vicki Marble who I know will fight only for conservative values and not join with the Democrats and other liberals who are ruining our economy.  After talking with Vicki at length about the important issues facing Colorado, I am certain she is the perfect State Senate candidate who will always:

  • Fight for everyday workers and taxpayers through less spending, taxes and so-called “fees”,
  • Stand against the liberals who want to erode TABOR so they can grow government at will,
  • Defend traditional family values against attacks from the homosexual lobby and the abortion industry leaders at Planned Parenthood,
  • Get serious about illegal immigration by sealing our U.S. borders and ending the sanctuary policies that attract these criminals in the first place,
  • Support only free-market based solutions to Colorado’s problems rather than create some government program that doesn’t solve anything.
  • And let all law-abiding citizens exercise their rights without apology, especially their 2nd Amendment rights.

The sad truth is that the liberal power brokers who are backing her opponent will be working overtime to stop Vicki Marble.  These slick politicos know how to say all the right things during election time, but the truth is they don’t really want an authentic conservative like Vicki Marble in office who will get tough on taxes and spending.  They want one of their own who’ll vote for and run bills that line their pockets with our cash while increasing their power over us.  Sad but true ... and it must stop.

As a loyal and conservative Republican, I hope you will join me to vote against the typical big-government politicians while doing all you can to help conservative citizen leaders like Vicki Marble who will always fight for us.  To that end, I’m writing to ask that you please fill out the enclosed Delegate Support Form to let Vicki know that you’ll have her back with your vote at her Senate District 23 Assembly on April 13th.

Together, we can take back Colorado if we get behind Vicki Marble who will work hard for conservative values if we work hard for her victory.  Thank you for helping a great American like Vicki Marble in any way you can. You’ll proud to call her your friend and your State Senator.  Please feel free to contact me at any time about this race and why it’s so important for you to support Vicki Marble. My personal email is  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Both now and in the State Senate, Vicki would love to talk to you personally.  Vicki’s cell is: 970-213-4868.  If you’re still undecided, I hope and pray you’ll give Vicki a fair chance to earn your vote by talking with her yourself.  On the enclosed green sheet of paper, please let Vicki know you are with us and please chip in a few bucks, is possible, to offset the cost that Vicki is paying out of her pocket to serve each of us.  Thank you for your time.  And thanks for letting me share my experience and insight with you.  I hope you found it valuable in understanding why we must elect a real conservative like Vicki Marble to join me in the State Senate.

P.S. Your primary election in Senate District 23 is one of the most important in the state to help real conservatives control our State Legislature again.  As a favor to me, and all conservative Republicans in Colorado, please pledge that you will show up and support Vicki Marble.  Thanks again.          

- Gratefully,  Tim Neville (R), Colorado State Senator

I am extremely pleased to endorse Vicki Marble for Senate District 23.  Vicki has what I refer to as conservative values in her DNA.  She will not vary from those values under pressure because she believes that such values are best for the citizens of Colorado.  In my view, she is the sole, true conservative in this race.

– Fmr. Senator Dave Schultheis

Vicki Marble has the support of conservatives from all over the state.  There is a reason.  She views the growth of government with a very well deserved skepticism. There is a famous line in Fiddler on the Roof in which the rabbi is asked for a prayer for the Tsar.  He says, "God keep the Tsar--far, far away from us."  That is exactly how we should all pray for our own government.  It will be up to folks like Vicki to do their part in in that endless tug of war that goes on between liberals and conservatives in policy making positions.  I trust her to pull with all her might -- TO THE RIGHT.

- Tom Tancredo

Hi, I wanted to take a minute to endorse Vicki Marble who is running in a Republican primary against Glenn Vaad in Colorado's 23rd district. Now normally I don't get involved in primaries, but when there is a clear conservative against a clear RINO--you know Republican in name only, I think it's important to make an endorsement and this is one of those cases.  I met Vicki at a school choice rally in Denver and she told me about her campaign and I think it's really important that we elect her, so please give her a hand.  Thank you.

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- Dick Morris

Vicki Marble is a constitutional conservative who will not cave in to the lobbyists and leadership in Denver. She is a dedicated mother and committed to the well being of her community. As a small business owner she knows what it takes to create jobs.  She'll fight against over-regulation, higher taxes, and government intrusions into our lives.

- Ken Buck, Weld County District Attorney

I’ve known Vicki Marble for about four years, and have been amazed by her intimate and passionate involvement in Northern Colorado issues. I know few people who have as keen an insight for the issues that affect us most as does Vicki. She is a principled patriot and strong conservative who will fight for American values and keep Northern Colorado strong. The U.S. Constitution is Vicki’s primary resource of consultation for the tough issues facing us, and I have no doubt whatsoever that when it comes to the first choice of who we want to lead Colorado’s 23rd Senate District, that Vicki Marble has to be that choice.

- Bill Flinn
Owner/Chief Instructor
Northern Colorado Firearms Safety Training

Almost 20 years ago Vicki Marble became our next-door neighbor and soon thereafter our friend. We have been near at hand as Vicki built one small business and then a second, as she raised two sons, the older a business partner the younger a United States Marine.

Vicki has always made herself available to people in need, often sharing her home with those who found themselves temporarily homeless, her pasture with those in need of space for their animals and her time with all who needed help. Yet she somehow finds the time to be active in community affairs, often in attendance at the meetings of the county commission, the judiciary etc. She is always in support of the conservative no nonsense position rooted in fiscal responsibility, personal liberty and plain old horse sense.

In short my wife and I have found Vicki to be a person of good character, a person of good conservative values, a person whose word is indeed her bond, a person whom I believe would represent the people of Larimer County and the State of Colorado in an honorable and tireless fashion, the kind of person that we can support without reservation. Vicki Marble is an American in every way. We are honored to know Vicki and call her our friend.

- Len and Elaine Kearl

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More About Vicki

  • 36 year resident of Northern Colorado
  • Small business owner / manager
  • Mother and community volunteer
  • Larimer County Rural Land Use Board
  • 8th Judicial Dist. Performance Commission